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    Hey y’all. I have a pro pack 1, I got it early this year and have sharpened 10 or so knives thus far. I am extremely happy with the results so far! I was wondering if there was a list or something that the factory blade angles on knives were located… I have a Benchmade Grizzly Ridge that I want to sharpen but not really reprofile… But I cant seem to find the angle listed anywhere… Any help would be greatly appreciated! I also sometimes stream myself sharpening knives live on Twitch!

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    Welcome Caleb!

    Despite what some knife manufacturers may lead you to believe, the angles on most production knives vary quite a bit from one example to another even of the exact same model. The best way to find the angles on your knife is to use a the sharpie method. The two sides of the existing bevel might not even have matching angles.

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    Welcome Caleb!  The sharpie method works great but when I first got my new Henckels last Christmas, I gave them a call and they straightened me out and yeah, they were in the ballpark but not exact.  Did the same with my Buck knife.

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