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    This is now one of my favorite sites. I have so much to learn but that’s half the fun. I see a WE kit in my future, but I’m here to learn about them first, so I will know which one I need. Anyway I’m glad to be here. Thanks for sharing…

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    Welcome Joe,  check out the Wicked Edge Shopper’s and Buyer’s Guide .

    It may help you decide which model you’d like to use.  We’re happy to answer your questions.


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Welcome, I to am new here and started with a basic setup and withing a couple of weeks I had purchased all the other items I didn’t think I would need.   I chose the WE120.. and  then added the 800/1000 1500/glass 4/2  1/.5 strops with emulsion, angle cube and USB microscope . The WE120 propack II would have been a better deal..

    I got this to sharpen the 5 knives my wife has.. seems silly but I knew I would get sucked in ..  Good luck with your choice, if you can afford it and justify spending the money get the most complete set you can!  One thing to keep in mind as you read, you will see people say “the stones will need to break in”  This does take some time, like 10-20 so don’t start with your good one!

    Good luck!

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    Welcome Joe,

    I am sure you will enjoy you wicked Edge. I jumped in and brought the pp3. And I am very happy with my choice. If I could do it over again I would still have brought the pp3.

    Good luck



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    Welcome Joe, NC here too

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