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Nano-Hone: A new diamond matrix technology?

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    No, this isn’t an announcement of new Wicked Edge products, I just couldn’t find a more appropriate forum category.

    I came across this in a woodworking publication and found it interesting in that it might be a technology that someday migrates into our little niche.  Nano-Hone (apparently not related to Nano-Lap) is selling high-end diamond lapping plates for lapping waterstones.  what’s interesting is the way the diamonds are mounted.  They apparently are in “buttons” of a diamond/metal matrix – suggesting that the diamonds are NOT mounted only on the substrate surface , but rather are distributed throughout the height of the individual buttons.  Their main selling point is that the various shapes of buttons they sell offer greatly increased numbers of edges, which accelerate the rate of stock removal.   The distribution of the diamonds throughout the vertical axis of the buttons serves to increase the life of the lapping stones to a huge degree.  Probably at least for the life of the user.

    I’m imagining a new generation of Wicked Edge premium diamond stones which are configured as miniature versions of the Nano-Hone lapping stones.  Maybe not the same patterns, but with some version of the interrupted pattern of diamond clusters – clusters which are much deeper than one or two layers of diamond particles thick.  Greatly increased life with greatly increased cutting efficiency.

    If you visit their website, you’ll see that Murray Carter is tooting their horn.  He appears in a number of videos with Hap Stanley, the founder.  Besides on their website, you can view their videos on YouTube.  Search for Carter-Stanley.  Check ’em out at


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