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Mounting question about hawk blades

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    Ken Buzbee
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    So I’ve come to realize that some of my odder shaped blades require “non standard” mounting techniques (to keep the bevel anywhere near uniform) and that’s fine. I usually figure them out. But I haven’t tried a hawk shaped blade yet and was wondering if anyone had any pointers?

    These Spydercos I have in both PE and SE. I’m mostly asking about the PEs at this point but SE info is welcome too. I currently do all four of these on a Sharpmaker, FYI.

    sorry about the lousy pic;)

    It seems if I try to mount so the tip and heel are level the heel and tip will get a wider bevel than the middle. If I tip it either way, I can go wider heel to narrower tip, or visa versa. Any way to mount it so they are equal?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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