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    This isnt really a mod but its more of an addition to my system. I put some grommets I got from Home Depot on the guide rods to allow me to adjust the stone heighth. I really only use it whenever I have to use the low angle adapter , but it really helps when setting the initial angle for each side. The only downside is that the grommets are not strong enough to hold the angle cube and the stones. I would love to see some guide rods that are threaded halfway up or have some other means to allow the stones to rest on the nut on the guide rods or some other means to keep the stones at an adjustable fixed position. I have emailed this to Clay and he said its a great idea, but I am not sure if something like this will be in production. I know I could purchase the longer guide rods to help with the low angle adapter, however there still would be the issue on setting the initial angle. Right now for me to set the initial angle I have to hold the stones at halfway above the knife to set my angle. If I didn’t have to hold the stones I could take out the element of variation and or differences in me holding the stones a couple of degrees in difference for each side.

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    Bill Kirkley
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    You can get vinyl tubing cut to length at Lowes. You can cut it to the length you want to support the stones.  Make sure you get tubing with a internal diameter (ID) that will fit your rods.

    A cloths pin might also work.

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    I use vinyl faucet washers I found at Home Depot by the leaky faucet repair kits.  The washers are big enough and snug enough fitting that they can support the weight of the stone on the rod with the attached Digital Angle Gauge.  I also use the same washers above the stones to limit the amount of slide so I don’t lift the stone above the knife edge causing damage if I come back down flat onto of the bevel.

    There is a ton of good stuff out there to employ as mods just walk the aisles at the big box hardware stores and use your ingenuity.

    Recently I purchased these Plastic 1/4″ Shaft Collars from  They work very well and would probably work for many situations.  They were a little too snug so I did have to back off the set screw and gently drilled/reamed the bore slightly larger.  Using them does require me to keep an allen wrench handy for the set screw.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Hey dillonkk
    You can find the rubber grommets or nylon sleeves that fit your rods at lowes hardware section in the metal pull out draws they work great

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