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    I have just received and set up my  new Wicked Edge Propack I. (WE-100) I notice that there are no locking jam nuts provided for installing the guide rods into the ball joint assembly. Is this a design change, or are they missing? The guide rods appear to tighten solidly in place, but I am curious. If a design change, and they are no longer provided, any thoughts on using a tiny dab of Blue Loctite on the assembly?  NOTE: I have not seen any photos of the guide rod assemblies where these locknuts are NOT shown.



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    This is a design change. They no longer put lock nuts with the guide rods. I don’t see why you would need to lock the guide rods into the ball joint thread. They don’t work their way out during use in my experience.

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    I recently bought two WE130 Portables.  I also own two earlier models: WE130 upgraded from Pro Pack II, and a Gen 3 Pro.  The new WE130’s did not include the lock nuts on the guide rods.  The lock nuts really are unnecessary.  If the rods were to come loose it doesn’t effect the angle because it is still in-line.  The loss of the nut allows for a longer throw on the stone since it sits lower onto the ball joint end.  They seem to lock tight for me just finger snugged.

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