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Micro Fine Ceramic vs. Strops

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    Michael Blakley
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    I just saw these stones at wicked edge.  The reason I was on the website is because I recently gouged big chunks into the leather stops of my Wicked Edge System.
    <p class=”page-title “>Micro Fine Ceramic Stones Pack Two grits 1.4 micron/.6 micron (2 each).</p>
    I love finishing a knife with a mirrored finish.  So I’ve got the normal stones, plus the 1500/glass (and the stickers).  I have 2 different sets of leather stones.

    Will the Micro Fine Ceramic replace the leather and result in the mirrored shine?



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    The 0.6 micron ceramic will leave the edge with a hazy looking mirror based on my experience. It will reflect clearly enough to read text, but it isn’t a brilliantly shiny edge like you get after stropping. I do not believe that there is a true replacement for strops in a sharpening progression.

    Here’s an old thread that asks a question along the same lines: 1200/1600 ceramic stones or strops?


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    Michael, I find the ceramics to be an individual entity all unto themselves.  I can’t compare the results from the ceramics with any other sharpening/polishing medium.  Even the micro-fine ceramics, (1.4µ/0.6µ, my preferred ceramic) differ from the super-fine ceramics, (1200/1600 grit).  They are made with two different methods. Be aware that the ceramics have a very long break-in period, longer then the diamond stones, before you’ll see a result you’ll be pleased with.  From my experience, they do enhance both edge sharpness and polish.  It can be a little tricky finding where the ceramics best fit into your sharpening progression.  They do not behave as there grit number suggests in an intuitive manner.  It does take some trial and error to determine where you can best fit them in.

    I agree with Organic’s experiences and have shared similar results.   As he said, there is no substitute/replacement for strops.  I finish every knife I sharpen with at least a two grit strop progression.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Here’s an image of a knife sharpened with the 0.6 micron ceramics with no stropping (not my image or work) from another old thread.

    Strops or stones?

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