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    I am doing this unrequested, uninvited and without permission.

    Yesterday I was wondering what’s up with Mark76.  Mark76 is a long time Forum friend, contributor, participant and moderator.  He is always the first or one of the first Forum members to reach out, to greet new Forum enrollees.  He always had kind and helpful words of encouragement.  Mark76 joined the Wicked Edge Forum in 2013.  He responded with almost 2800 posts, since then!

    Yesterday I sent Mark76 a private email to his Gmail address.  I received an almost instant response, probably automated, in Dutch or Germany and in English:”

    Het spijt ons u te moeten melden dat de geadresseerde van dit e-mailadres is overleden.

    We’re sorry to inform you that the addressee of this e-mail address has passed away.

    I was in shock.  I didn’t know if this was real.  I sent Mark another email to his Domain email.  I still have yet to receive the reply.  In the mean time I contacted developer (ChrisB) who checked with Clay, if he had heard from Mark76.  Through some research, they did, they found this link: .

    Mark76, Mark deWeger died young at 50 years old Christmas Eve.  He will be missed.

    I didn’t know Mark deWeger, well, only through a few private emails we exchanged and shared.  He was a computer science engineer or consultant.  Mark had a “blog” and also reviewed Chef’s knives .  He loved to sharpen knives with his Wicked Edge.  Like most of us, he strived to achieve that better edge.

    Mark was always trying to improve his English Language skills.  Even though his language use and practice may have been better then most of us.  He didn’t want to use “commas’ inappropriately.  Mark76 ran into words that did translate well to Dutch or German that left him confused, about edge, grind, apex and profile.  This caused some good Forum exchange and friendly banter with Mark76, at the center.  I think the bottom line we all came to the conclusion that all the terms did have their place, validity and correctness as long as used in an identifying or clarifying context.

    Mark76, Mark deWeger,  our thoughts and prayers are with you and your surviving family and friends.  With deepest Sympathy.  You will be missed.



    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Thank you MarcH for posting this. Chris and I agonized yesterday about how to get more information and how to share it with everyone here. I’m glad you had the gumption to go ahead an do it.

    I will miss Mark. I never met him in person, but conversed with him frequently and grew to be very fond of him. He was a constant presence on the forum and an excellent moderator. He always went out of his way to welcome new members and to set a tone of friendliness and camaraderie.

    ChrisB and I checked his login history and found that he was with us on the forum on Dec. 24 8:47. I think that speaks to how devoted he was to us as a group and as friends.

    Mark, I hope you’re resting in peace.


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    That is indeed sad news.  Mark was a great forum friend… always wanting to learn more, and share his knowledge without hesitation.

    He will be missed.

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    I was saddened to hear of Mark’s passing and have been thinking about him all day today. I didn’t know him other than through this forum, but we’re a pretty small community and I have been reading his interactions with us nearly daily for the last two or so years. He was always friendly in his posts, eager to help, and just seemed like a very kind person. I will really miss his input here on the forum as well as on his blog.

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    Dennis Hibar
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    That is very sad news.  I shared many direct conversations with Mark over the years.  Far too young to go.  He will be missed.

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    developer (ChrisB)
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    Like all of you, I’ve been struggling to accept the news and kept hoping it would turn out to be a miscommunication. I also had many forum conversations with Mark and found him to be a good friend, and very smart and patient with his advice. His passing leaves a big gap in the forum, and he’ll be missed.

    Working to make a great forum!

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    So sorry to hear of Mark76’s passing.  I learned a great deal from his many posts over the past couple of years.  Very sad news.


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    Tragic. I just joined and he was so helpful to me!

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    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends he will be greatly missed. I did not know him and only been a member here a short time.

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    Clay, thank you for leaving condolences on behalf of yourself and the forum, on Mark’s memorial page. In writing this, I’m very conscious of my use of commas.

    Mark, yeah . . .knew him only through the forum. . . Knowledgeable, kind, helpful, willing, passionate about knives . . . Curious about commas. The whole being greater than the sum of the parts, and this being conveyed across languages and through written word . . . And possibly fighting “auto-spell”.  No problem Mark, with your communication skills. Polished grammar, polished edges.




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    Very sad news. Even in my very short time here, Mark stood out as always ready and willing to share his extensive experience, and his blog was a wealth of information and obviously a labor of love. He will be missed.

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    I too, have been thinking about Mark all day.  I’ll miss his presence here on the forum and also in our e-mail communications.  He was always a gentle and friendly soul.

    Mark, may you always have following seas in your journey, whatever your destination.

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    Justin Fournier
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    Ah, this is sad news indeed. I wish only the best for yours Mark, thank you for all you have done to help so many of us here.

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    I believe Mark was the first to welcome me to the forum when I started. Since, we’ve had many conversations and right now I don’t know what else to say except I will miss you Mark!

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