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    Colin Povey
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    Recently got my WE, and really like it.

    I am a pro chef, and we use several mandolines at work (a cooking tool, not the musical instrument).
    If you are not familiar, they are a frame that holds a knife blade at a specific angle, and controls the thickness of the cut very accurately.

    They have two blades-one is a cross-cut blade, and is made form steel that have waves in it. and is difficult to sharpen accurately. The other is a straight blade, and I think I can sharpen one on a WE. Replacement blades are $60.

    Has anyone tried to sharpen one of these in a WE? Any tips?



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    Im guessing you are referring to the straight blade section? First thing Id try to do is determine the existing angle it is sharpened at, to determine if the WEPS could get down that low for it. Would it be possible for you to post a photo of the blade in question you are trying to sharpen. Im sure people will be able to jump in with some idea to go from there.



    Colin Povey
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    Here is a link to a picture of the main or straight cutting blade.

    Essentially, it is a piece of stainless steel plate, 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall, that they put a very sharp edge on. They do last quite a long time, but eventually become dull. The edge on the left is the cutting edge.

    The reason I am interested in sharpening one is that they are expensive, $40.

    They have a second or fluted culling blade as well, that’s even more of a challenge to sharpen.
    See here:

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