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Man I love Maintenance on the Wicked Edge

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    Dave Schur
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    Just a quick post to say how much I love doing maintenance on my Wicked Edge.

    This past weekend, I sat down with my morning coffee and 10 folding pocket knives, all EDC rotations in varying steels (probably 3 VG-10, 2 ZDP 189, 3 S30V and 2 S90V), plus 1 kitchen knife (Richmond Remedy in CPM 154 CM) that my wife had run through hell and back.

    The knives hadn’t been touched up other than occasional hand stropping in about 6 months. They ran the gammut from barely used to major chips and rolled edges (on s90V no less) through medium heavy usage.

    Man did I have a good time in an hour and a half getting all 10 back up to a razor sharp polished 15 degree angle. With the depth gauge settings recorded and a quick check with the sharpie, I was back to the exact same angle back to front in seconds per knife. On the lighter used knives I started on the 1200/1600 ceramics and went straight to strops. On more damaged ones (s90V chipping) A had to back down to the 800/1000 diamonds, and in one case (the Remedy) down to 400/600. But it just seemed to go so smooth and got the knives back in action in no time (I shouldn’t let them go that long). On all my edges I work through the ceramics, then 5u/3.5u/1u/.5u strops.

    The maintenance just seemed to go so fast, I think because of the precise angle recovery of the WEPS.

    Thanks for making the Wicked Edge Clay, it really makes re-sharpening fun!


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    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for posting your experience, your post captures in a nutshell my own favorite thing about the Wicked Edge.


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