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Machete knife can I sharpen?

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    I’m thinking about the purchase of one of the “Wicked Edge” products. However it seams to me with this system, you are limited to blade length you can sharpen. If you have a longer blade, longer then the stroke of arms can move, you have to do the blade in stages by repositioning the blade in the vice ( not sure if that is possible ). What is the max blade length for this system? Thank you in advance:>)

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    Very long knives, like your machette example, may be too long to sharpen them all at once and may need to be repositioned and sharpened in sections.  I think a good approximation of the overall length that you can reach efficiently with the W.E. is 1-1/2 × the guide rod length.   So, with an 8″ guide rod, you should be able to sharpen a 12″ or 13″ bladed knife, clamped in the center of the knife’s blade.  W.E. describes the 8″ rods capability at 15″ blade.  (That may be for a perfect situation.)

    Just to be have full disclosure, the W.E. systems depending on the models are limited in the maximum thickness of the blade they can clamp, also.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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