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Low Angle/Standard Vise Question

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    Hello everyone … I’ve been using the WE-130 and have been seeing great results following the recommendations and postings from everyone here. I recently purchased the Low Angle adapter to handle a couple of my Japanese blades with very low angles and some of the smaller knives in my collection.

    I’ve noticed that the blade leans to the left a bit when in the low angle adapter’s vise which from what I’ve read is normal. I’m using an Angle Gauge to set my angles .. is it safe to say that as long as my angles match on each side regardless of the base setting I’m good to go with an keeping an even 50/50 bevel?

    Is there anything else that comes into play here I should be aware of?

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    Well no.. with the fixed jaw vise (standard and LAA) the knife will lean.   This will cause one side of the bevel to be wider and one to be narrow..  Does not make the knife less sharp or work any different..   You can play with the angles reducing one side by a degree or so and increasing the other, but I get too confused and just sharpen the knife.. my wife will use it and make it dull again.. repeat..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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