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Low Angle Adapter

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    Simon H
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    I have noticed that when using the low angle adapter in my WE130, the adapter itself moves a few degrees from left to right.

    Is this a known issue and is there a remedy like foam tape on both sides.


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    Simon, are you positioning the LAA so it is inserted all the way down between the jaws so the adapter is physically contacting and resting on the top horizontal surface of the jaws.  Also, the vertical sides of my LAA are close or in contact with the vertical sides of the jaw set, too.

    Positioned like this I have no wobble or movement.  The LAA is clamped tightly, stable and securely.   Have you tried to increase the tension adjuster’s setting so it squeezes the LAA more tightly as it’s clamped tightly.

    I usually use a small rectangular patch I cut from a real leather Chamois cloth to augment the hold.  It is placed between the vise jaws and what ever I’m clamping.  The dry chamois as it compresses in the clamping jaws improves the hold on whatever is clamped.


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Simon it’s because of questions like yours that I have a love / hate relationship with the rabbit holes this forum sends me on. Like you – I have a WE130 (actually it’s a WE120 upgraded to the 130 vise) and when I looked into your observation I found the same thing. Actually though what I found was that while the LAA amplified the play, it wasn’t the cause of it. Without the LAA I still had play in the vise jaws of the 130 clamp, and tracing it further found play in the vise frame itself. What I found as I went deeper into the rabbit hole is that one of the two screws that secure the vise and angle bar to the blue frame was slightly loose (though the other one was tight). I tightened them both up good and tight and the play is now gone – not only in the 130 vise frame and jaws but also with the LAA clamped. So that’s something you might check – make sure both of those screws are tight!

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    I’ve never had a problem with my WE130 or with the LAA. But I’m a nosy old fart and took my vise apart after I received it to see how it was made and worked. Since I put it back together myself, I knew that all of the screws were tight.
    I’ve learned that anytime I have a problem with something to check the simple things first.

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