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    Came across a great deal for leather strops.  Nice to have extras around for experimentation or to replace cut ones.

    Just look up
    #2 Vegetable Tan import cowhide leather strip 8/9 oz (3/4×50″)


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    W.E. Strop leather is 3/4″ to 13/16″.  I have  bought larger/wider pieces of tanned leather.  Either way, the leather will need to be trimmed to width and length if your mounting it on a W.E. paddle.  Not a big deal with a sharp razor knife and metal straight edge.

    I use 3M Super 77 spray contact cement, (Home Depot), to  glue/mount the new leather.  I apply masking tape around the W.E. plastic paddle to catch the overspray.  I mount the new leather with the rough, inner side, down against the W.E. strop paddles.   I apply stropping compounds to the smooth, outer side,  and use this side for stropping my sharpened  knife edges.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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