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knife with almost no edge from the manufacturer

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    Michael Blakley
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    A friend of mine is a bartender.  He was given a knife, as a gift, that is a called a bartender’s knife.  It’s meant for cutting lemons, limes and other items a bartender might need for garnish.  It’s a short fixed blade.

    I don’t think the manufacturer put an edge on the knife.  It is definitely not ready for use right out of the box.  So I’m trying to put an edge on it.  I think this is what you guys call profiling a knife.

    Well, I’m not having much luck in sharpening this knife.  I spent about an hour working on it, starting with 100 grit stones and going thru to a stropping stone and I can’t seem to get this knife sharp.  I getting a lot of shavings, but no edge.

    I’d appreciate any insights you could provide.  Maybe I’m doing this right, but just not being patient enough?  maybe there’s a preliminary step I should take with this knife before using my wicked edge.


    Here’s a link to the knife:



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    It says that it is made of 420 HC. That should be a reasonable steel to sharpen, but it is possible the heat treatment was done poorly. Are you able to raise a burr?

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    Need to stick with the 100 grit until you raise a burr on each side. I would try to make sure to raise a burr on every other grit change.

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    IMHO, for newbies like you and I, getting a burr is crucial, especially with the lower grits.  I found this out with my first couple of sharpenings.  Now that I’m able to develop and recognize that burr, I’m able to get sharp knives.  Good luck!

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