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Knife Tools Suggestions?

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    I’m finding that the knives I have, require very small Torx drivers for disassembly.  Are there any standard size and type tools that folding knives usually require?  For that matter, are there any specific tools I should have to work on knives?

    I restore vintage alarm clocks, so I may already have some of basic tools needed, however tools like the mini Torx drivers, I need to get.

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    Yes, definitely get good wiha torx bits… T6 and T8 are the most common.

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    I have taken less than 10 knives apart so I am not, by any means, an expert.  As Josh says, Wiha is a quality tool company.  I found them because (I believe) Spyderco recommended them in a post somewhere.  I bought the set below and am very happy with them.

    However, two of the ten knives used security torx bits which are not included in the Wiha kit.  I found a 100 Pc security bit set made by Warrior at Harbor Freight for $8.99.  Yes that is the correct price – shipping cost was not quite double the kit price.  They are made of fairly good steel but the workmanship is not very good.  Anyway, the Warrior kit solved my problem but caveat emptor – buyer beware!            ($89.96)                     ($8.99)

    Ed K.


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    I actually bought two sets of small Torx drivers for the same reason.  One set didn’t go high enough, while the next set up overlapped a little.  Some of the screws on folders go down to T2.  Same goes for some thumb studs.  Both sets are made by Wiha (a big name in specialty screwdrivers, as you can see in Ed’s link) and are sold on Amazon.  Wiha 26791, ($36) goes from T1 to T8, while Wiha 36296 ($30) includes: T8, T10, T25, T20, T25, T30.  These are standard screwdriver format tools, but you might find them cheaper in an Allen-wrench type form, but from a different manufacturer.  Both sets are very solid, high-quality drivers, although the little tiny ones seem a bit dainty.

    I have two relatively large “variety pack” bit sets and neither include Torx bits smaller than T8.

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    Thanks for the help.  I went ahead and purchased a cheaper set of Torx, plus other bits, that go from T2 to T10.  I have a set of good, larger Torx drivers.  I will get a better set from Wiha when I can afford them.  I think that will get me what I need for now.

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    Scott DF
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    I’m a little late to the party here, but iFixit’s Mako Driver Kit with 64 bits (including Torx from 2 to 25) covers most everything you’re going to find in small fasteners.

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    That’s a nice set!  I’ll have a look.

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    for u guys in the states

    Brownells sells various kits toex

    Security tips etc

    They even have mini torque wrenches etc

    They sell a block with pre drilled holes and some really good pin drifts if u ever have to push pins out of a handle or old style hinge pins in a folder


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    I went with Wiha torx as well. I bought two sets because in one of my older folders the pin doesn’t have a detent to hold it in place and the previous owner used something akin to Locktite but blessedly not the red one. It took a bit of effort and a lot of words not to be mentioned in polite company but I got it done.

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