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    I’ve had issues with knife movement while using the clamping system on other sharpeners.  Are the wicked edge sharpeners able to effectively able to hold even small knives steady while sharpening????





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    depends on how small…for traditionals you will need the tormek small knife jig which holds it by the handle. For most other knives it holds it securely no problem – but I do use a piece of paper towel wrapped around the spine which prevents scratches and assists w/ keeping it steady (not that it necessarily needs it for the latter). The adjustable tension on the vise is amazing.

    After a while the inside of the jaws do wear though (since aluminum) and may need replacing depending how much you use and if it’s causing issues. I’ve replaced mine once so far, this is the second set


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    The Gen 3 vises have pads located at the upper, outboard corners to grip the blade, and there is some flex built in to the design to allow the vise to conform to variations in blade configurations.  Current models also have adjustable clamping force to aid in adapting to variations in blade thickness.

    High school physics taught us that clamping effectiveness is a function of force and not area and the pads use this to their advantage.  However, the coefficient of friction between vise pads and the blade surfaces is also a factor.  This means that polished surfaces (as is found on most quality knives) may tend to be less than ideal.  For this we recommend any of a number of alternatives.  Some use masking tape, some use chamois leather and I use aluminum foil ducting tape.  A small patch of the material of your choice applied to the area to be clamped works wonders.  If it sticks to the blade surface, you’re home free.  Most of us use the various tapes primarily to protect the knife faces from accidental scratches than for the secureness (?) of the blade mount.

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    I have attached small strips of chamois leather to the two insides of the clamp which contact the blade using extra sticky double sided tape. It says there all the time and works great. Mine have been on for over a year.


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