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kangaroo or nano cloth ?

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    I’m ready for a new / additional set of strops. I have a set of cowhide that came with an original pro-pack.

    Debating between a set of Kangaroo or Nano cloth with the intention of using a diamond emulsion spray.  Probably 4 and 2 micron.

    Any experienced input would be greatly appreciated.  Pros and cons of either.  Thanks in advance for any help


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    I have only used the cow leather myself. From what I understand, the advantage of kangaroo leather is that it doesn’t compress as much, so there is less risk of rounding the edge while stropping at angles close to the sharpening angle.

    The nanocloth is designed to be a grit free base for whatever stropping compound you wish to use. The naturally occurring silicates in leather have some abrasive properties and can cause stray scratches when using ultra fine stropping compounds. From what I have been told by Ken Schwartz, this effect only becomes evident once you get below 0.25 micron or so. In other words, nanocloth is overkill for use with compounds larger than 0.25 micron.

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    Another advantage to sticking with the cow leather strops is the leather is durable, inexpensive and easy to source then replace when it becomes damaged beyond usefulness.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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