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Just-in-time supply or failure to anticipate?

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    don griffith
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    Is it a just-in-time supply chain failure or is it failure to anticipate demand? I’m not real big on business modeling but it seems that hoping your customer base will stay around and wait for their orders to be filled is more risky than keeping stock-on-hand that might not get moved.

    I’m reduced to profiling with my long-awaited and recently delivered WEPS, returning to my instantly purchased Lansky so I can use their ceramics on the edge (6-8 weeks for the WE ceramics–waiting….), then finishing with the strops on the WEPS. Duplicating the angles is a pain in the arse but is worth it to get better edges.

    Waiting 6-8 weeks every time an order is placed for an additional component is, in fact, disheartening. 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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