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I've seen this mentioned that it does not matter . . .

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    how far one micro adjuster ‘s threads are showing vs the other side?

    But it seemed strange to me that the knife was set at 14 degrees by the angle cube and its a pro III unit that both sides are set together with the selector (not set independently).

    Yet, there is quite a difference in threads to get both sides at exactly 14 degrees using the micro adjustments?

    Is this blade tilt due to this blade being a sushi type knife, both sides look equal blade wise.

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    My Gen. 3 pro is has this issue as well. It does not seem to be blade dependent either. WE does have limits to what they deem acceptable when matching the angles on the pro models. You can call them and find out if yours is out of specification or not, but I think the threshold is something like 1 degree from side to side.

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    2016 gen 3 clamp and my micro adjusters are about .4 degs different on most knives. In a perfect world it would be nice if the arms were exactly the same on both sides but we use a angle cube to determine the angle, not the bar, so it really makes no difference in the results.

    I determine blade tilt early on while sharpening. You can check some knives with an angle cube but most I pay attention to the width of the bevel on both sides and make my angle adjustments if I notice a difference. It takes very little time to correct the angles especially if caught early on the progression. For some reason I have to sharpen quite a few knives at 1 deg. less on the right and 1 deg. more on the left to even out the width of the bevel. Whether this is caused by lean or by the clamp not being completely vertical I can’t say, I just adjust for it. I don’t have to do this on all knives, but I do for quite a few!

    I think there are probably slight differences in every sharpener and you know what, I like that! If I could put a knife in the clamp and sharpen it the same way without thinking about anything and get the results I want….probably get bored to death very quickly.

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