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    I like these ideas, have definitely played with a linear bearing system as an option. Another thing I’ve tried is adding a pivot to a handle that allows the platen holding the stone to stay vertical/plumb even though the guide rod is at an angle. It worked relatively well but is clumsy. I’ve also designed some platens that attach to the handles that allow the user to change out round and triangular rods. Those work pretty well too but are also clumsy.


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    I’ve put my mock-up serrated sharpening mods together and have been testing it. I will try to do a video of it in action in the next couple of days.

    I started out with a linear bearing, whereby the rod is held in a vertical plane, but the plane is allowed to move freely in the cross-direction, but didn’t find it to be very friendly.  When trying to manipulate the stones to work various parts of a particular serration, the bearing would tend to move and cause binding.  Might be related to the klunkiness of my rig.

    I went the next step and added cross-direction control with a lead screw.  With a little practice, I found it better for controlling the attitude of the stone.  For instance, with one hand on the stone and the other on the cross-feed adjustment knob, I could move the rod slightly to one side or the other of a serration and better direct the forces applied to the stone at the edge.

    One thing that’s struck me as a possible concern is the durability of a diamond stone, where there will be rather high forces applied to a very small area, and especially to a corner.  It seems to me that diamonds are going to more easily be knocked loose from the substrate.

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    Yup, It’s a long wait and I’m not helping.  This post is about eight days late.  Check out my serration sharpening video:

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