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Is the Gen Pro 3 better for small pocket knives?

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    I have several Case knives (toothpicks, doctor’s knives, small trappers, russlocks).

    Is it easier to use Gen Pro 3 or WE 130 to sharpen those blades? or will I need a low angle adapter or Tormek adapter no matter which system I choose?

    Marc H
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    Depending on how tall the blades are, (spine to edge) you may need an adapter depending on how low a bevel angle profile you choose,

    Understand that you don’t have to position a knife so it’s resting on the depth key pins.  You can clamp knives higher up just in the jaw tips.  All that matters is they’re held tightly, securely and that you can record the clamping position for your sharpening log, for future touch-ups.  I prefer to clamp knives directly in the vise any day over using adapters.  The adapters do have their place and sometimes that’s the only way you can get get it done.  I have both the LAA and the Tormek small knife holder for those situations when that’s the best way to go.

    The Gen 3 Pro and the WE130 are pretty similar.  In that they’re both used the same way with the same sharpening techniques.  I find the WE130 is more adaptable and easier to modify.  You’ll probably need longer guide rods, at least the 12″ set if you use one of the mentioned adapters.  If I had to choose one W.E. model over the other, I’d go with the WE130 for it’s greater compatibility, adaptability and varsatility then the Gen 3 Pro.


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    The only system that I have used is the WE130. I use the LAA for smaller pocket knives. The only blade that I had trouble with is the little spey blades. So I bought a Tormek SVM-00 to help with them. It works great. below are a couple of photos of my Buck 301.


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    I have both models – and I prefer the 130 for small pocket knives.

    With the stock Gen3 you won’t utilize the top 3/4″-1″ of your diamond stones on small blades.

    In my case, I printed a riser block and raised the vise 1.25″.  The LAA works fine, I just don’t like messing with the allen tool to tighten the screws.  FYI, I also have 12″ rods on all my systems.

    80% of the knives I sharpen are smaller pocket knives.

    Ed K.

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