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How to quote a quote?

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      I was writing a reply in another topic today (here) and it involved quoting a quote. I experienced that the forum software does not do this properly. The result should be a text in which a quote is shown in another quote. Like this:

      Inner quote with text from John

      Outer quote with text from developer (ChrisB)

      However, unfortunately the forum software “flattens” the result and what you end up with is a text in which the inner quote is simply ignored. So it is:

      Outer quote with text from developer (ChrisB)

      I then started editing my post, because I had seen that quoting a quote was possible (here; thanks, Organic, how did you find this out?). What Organic had done (I think) was switch to the Text tab and embed a blockquote (HTML) in a quote (BB-code).

      So to achieve the correct above result, I had to switch to the text tab and type:

          [ quote ] < blockquote > some obscure HTML code to get the correct inner quote text < /blockquote >  [ / quote ]

      but then slightly more complicated. Obviously things went wrong there, and it took me several iterations to get the code correct.

      Fortunately my question is simple: is there an easier way to get a quote of a quote?

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        Update: reading another topic, I see that more people have done this. Here is even a quote of a quote of a quote (by MarcH). Is there anyone who remembers how they did this?

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            I’ll figure out the easiest way to do this and put some simple documentation here….

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                To quote a quote (i.e. “nesting” quotes of multiple levels) just click the Quote button for the reply to which you’d like to reply. Don’t select any text in it, simply click the Quote button and it’ll populate the previous reply for you. Be sure to type your new reply at the bottom, below the information that’s pre-populated.

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              Chris I’ve seen what Mark76 is speaking of.  I can’t show you or direct you to the example but it was when one person quoted something a second person was quoting, this something also included as a quote that a third person had made.  It was a string of quotes and somewhere along the line the top person was listed as the one credited for the second quote and the person who was actually quoted, their name was somehow dropped out.

              It was like Clay wrote:

              MarcH wrote:   something subject #1

              Mark76 wrote: Something subject #2

              But it came a out as:

              Clay wrote:  something subject #1

              Mark76 wrote:  something subject #2

              The person who actually wrote what Clay is now given credit for in this above case has now become dropped.

              The only reason Mark76 and I caught it was we were some of the quoted parties so we remembered who wrote what and who was given credit, or responsibility, and it wasn’t assigned where it was due.

              Hope this makes sense….It probably was a quirk and never will happen again.  It may be like Mark76 said, it may have been affected because a portion of one of the quotes was edited out to help emphasize a point, the writer was making.






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                MarcH – Thank you for the additional details; I’ll figure it out and post an update here in the next day or two. I have a copy of the forum running on a development server so I’ll look for examples there, and see if I can replicate it and fix it.

                Working to make a great forum!

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                  Something has gone wrong – my latest post here disappeared.

                  I don’t know anymore what happened exactly (it’s a couple of days ago), but I think

                  • It works fine if you quote an entire post (i.e. select nothing)
                  • It goes wrong when you quote only a part of the post (i.e. select the part of the post you want to quote)
                  • It may also go wrong when, after quoting, you immediately end up at the Text tab and not the Visual tab.

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