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How to introduce the youngsters into the family

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    Wicked Edge Sharp Knives
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    I have been a Wicked Edge fan/user for some time now.  I wanted to see how much of an improvement the WE 3Gen vise is compared to all the others I have owned.  Well, damn, this new vice is a huge improvement.  I gave it the rough treatment this evening…. breaking in a whole new set of raspy stones on a hard blade…. and the vice held all the roughening abuse together.  I toast to the newest vice.  It is amazing.  If anyone has advice regarding bringing in a new set of stones into the tried and true well broke-in family, I would be interested in hearing it.  I am not far into this blended family experiment.  So far, I have needed to use the new diamond stones that came with the Gen3 Pro on a new blade as an initiation into the family and then follow up with the older brothers and sisters to get good results.  Are there others out there that can give me advice about a blended family of daimond paddles and how to bring in the yougens?

    Marc H
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    There’s no special treatment.  Just give time, time.  They’ll take on average 10 or more knives to start to come around.   I have this same, as you call it, “blended family dynamic”.  I thought I had the new stones broken in, but they still don’t give the smoother more consistent results of the older stones.  Especially the coarser grits that really show their freshness.

    My problem is the same problem that experienced long time Wicked Edge users have, all my personal knives are now well cared for and only require touch-ups.  I have to use a beginner’s suggestion and find some beater knives to break my stones in on.


    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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