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How many knife blade edges and how to sharpen them

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    So I hear about these edges ie, full hollow ground. How many different edges are there? How do you determine which one you have? Do you sharpen different grinds different ways on the WE?

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    Google “Knife Grinds”.  There are quite a few different grinds. Here are some of them, (this list is not all inclusive):

    Knife Edge Grind Types | Knife sharpening, Knife making, Knife

    I have determined what I’m working with, when I didn’t know, by comparing the knife with those images I found from Google.  If I can identify a brand and knife model, I will google the knife to read what I can learn about it.  It’s up to you to put in the leg work to take your hobby as far as you’re wanting to go.  No one can share with you everything you need to know in a couple of conversations.

    I suggest you read back through the earlier W.E. Forum threads.  There’s a lot of good information to gain there.  Search “You Tube” for videos of how to sharpen knives with a Wicked Edge sharpener.  There’s a ton of videos posted there.  Many are very good.  Some are not so good.  You can learn your sharpening technique by watching what other users do, as you put it into practice.

    Clay Allison, the owner of W.E. has many videos worth watching:

    Here’s a good beginner’s video to watch to help you to learn different sharpening strokes:

    I have learned my sharpening regimen or sharpening technique that I use pretty much to sharpen every knife with nuance as needed for individual circumstances.  Through practice and experiences you too will develop your own technique.  Even though the knives I sharpen and the knife edge grinds may differ, I’m still using mostly the same practices to sharpen every knife.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    Marc’s list doesn’t show the Scandi grind, which is a geometry where the face grinds continue all the way to the apex, with no bevels ground at all.  This makes for a very sharp edge, as the included angle is probably less than 10 degrees, but as such is quite fragile and extremely time consuming to resharpen manually, as you must remove steel over a very large area.  More appropriate for a powered sharpening system.

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    Thanks guys. You are great. I appreciate all your help

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