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How do you know when they’re too loaded up?

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    I just got a set of super fine ceramics today. I’m coming from using an *OLD* Sharpmaker with original ceramic stones. The Sharpmaker stones didn’t visually appear to load up quickly but, once they did, you could feel them stop cutting. These WEPS super fine ceramic stones turn black nearly instantly but the feel doesn’t change any (frankly, it doesn’t feel like they ever cut at all but they do get results) if you keep using them. How do I know when there’s so much swarf in the stone that I need to clean it out somehow?

    Secondary question: How do you clean them? I tried using a Staedtler white plastic eraser on them (which successfully cleans the Sharpmaker ceramic stones) but it didn’t achieve anything at all.


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    I always used Comet and water to clean my Sharpmaker sticks, but it doesn’t seem to do as well on the WE super fines. I use the “Superaser” sold here by WE and it works pretty good. I think you can find it other places on the ‘net too.

    As for when to clean ’em? I don’t let my ceramic stones get too clogged up; I’m afraid it’ll reach a point where it won’t clean up.

    I have some 1/4″ diameter soft white Arkansas stones (used to be one, but I dropped it) which I chuck up in a cordless drill to sharpen serrated knives. I use the Superaser to scrub them clean while they’re spinning in the drill. Works great.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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