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High Angle Issues – Large Cleaver

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    Hi all,

    Let me first say I did search the forum and knowledge bases and if this is already covered somewhere I missed it.

    I have a meat cleaver about 3 1/2 inches edge to spine. WE Generation 3 commercial. Cleaver clamped in vise at bottom using no depth key. Angle setting cranked to 30, micro adjusters wide open.

    I want to sharpen it at 30 degrees each side (60 inclusive) but the best I can get with this based on my digital angle cube is 22 degrees per side.

    The sharpie method shows right side marker removal on the top of the edge and left side is in the center. On both edges the sharpie is removed evenly across the bevel. That tells me that at a minimum each bevel is different.

    I’m still learning to “read” the sharpie, because as a noob you find it’s not just placing a mark and rubbing some off, it’s much more telling than that. The sharpie can be removed differently all along the edge indicating angle, blade position, blade orientation, belly different than heel, etc.

    I get it, but at some point I just want to sharpen the cleaver at 30 degrees. If you over analyze it, you will never finish your first knife!

    Is there a solution to this with the WE? There’s a low angle adapter, but of course you can only go so low in the vise…see pics. Thanks in advance!


    Dwight Glass
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    You could try putting the “Guide Rod” and “Ball-Joint” on the out side of the “L Bracket”.

    If the “Guide Rod” or “Ball-Joint” are then hitting the the “L Bracket” before you get to your 30 degrees.

    Then contact “Ed K.” Known hear as “NotSharpEnuff” to get a “Micro Adjust” that can move the “Ball-Joint” out further.

    To do these things you may need longer “Guide Rods”

    I hope this helps, good luck.

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    Brilliant idea Dwight!

    Thanks! The answer was right under my nose the whole time, but I was too blind to see it (noob here).

    I can tell just by looking that will widen the guide arms out an extra inch or so on each side. I only have the 8 inch rods so that may be an issue, but I’ll give it a try. I am using the digital angle cube so the index markings on the sharpener aren’t needed. -Russ

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