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Hair whittling

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    I just want to thank everyone that has been giving me advice on using this system. Yes, I definitely went down the rabbit hole lol. I have the WE130 with the 100-2200 diamonds, strops= leathers 5-3.5 and 1.0-.5 both in paste and my latest add on  that I just tried out today, kangaroo strops with .25 and .10 emulsions . I decided to touch up my Spyderco Delica 4 with ZDP-189 steel. I was able to whittle a hair from my girlfriend when finished. This was a goal of mine and I am very happy to have achieved it. Knife bevel is at 15° per side. I really like the kangaroo strop. I found with my technique, if I hold the strop on the 2nd groove from the bottom, This gives me the finest edge with an extremely light touch. Thanks again for all the advice and a special thanks to@ airscapes for the stone stoppers and @notsharpenuff for the micro-adjusters. Both of these products are excellent. Loving this system

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    Congratulations on reaching your sharpening goal!

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