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Gunny Juice Emulsions?

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    Wondering if anyone has tried the Gunny Juice Emulsions for stropping and what’s your opinion  on how well they work?  Also, do you prefer paste or emulsions?

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    First I’m hearing of this “Gunny Juice” product.

    On this subject, “in general” and an attempt to answer the question…. I prefer using the W.E. (spray) diamond emulsions to the W.E. paste stropping compounds.  The feel of the emulsion products while stropping is improved, (smoother), along with the improved ease of application and the longevity of the compound on the leather while using it.  The pastes are dryer when attempting application and they more easily flake off and scrape off W.E. strops with use.  The thicker liquid W.E. Emulsion Sprays don’t really spray through the spray applicators, very well, but more-so deposit a dollup or scattered thick droplets of a muddy looking liquid when the sprayer tops are pumped.  The sprayers do tend to clog easily.  I find they are better used with spray caps unscrewed and the well-mixed emulsions applied as a dab onto the strop mediums with the sprayer’s straw/tube used as an applicator stick.  Not very much emulsion is needed to prepare a strop so a small bottle lasts a very long time.  Strops in general, don’t require cleaning and refilling very often if the knife blades are first cleaned well with a rubbing alcohol wipes, before stropping.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I wonder if an eye dropper might work better than the pump sprayer on the WE emulsion sprays.

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    A fine eye dropper is a great idea!

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    The pump sprayer works fine for me. You just have to pump it hard and fast.

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