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Green paste (Puma knives) and Flexcut Gold

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    I have been looking for the grit (microns) of these two pastes. Sofar I could not find it, does anyone know the gritsize of these two compounds?

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    I think the green paste is 3.5 microns, and here is what I googled about the Flexcut Gold

    Before you use the Flexcut compound you should read their website

    What is the grit size (in microns) of the abrasive in your Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound.


    As with all polishing compound, that is a hard question to give a definitive answer. Some of the particle sizes go as small as .6 microns, some are much larger. If they were all .6 micron, it would cut much too slowly. Polishing is a very different process than grinding or sanding. Some of the other factors involved are: What kind of binder is used to carry the abrasive? – What is the material that it is being applied to (leather, felt, wood, etc.)? – What is the abrasive made of?

    What we here at SRP have found in many of these bar type compounds, is the purity which doesn’t matter to much for tools, can create problems with razors…

    I know Lynn tried this stuff out for awhile on a web strop and said it worked ok…

    Most of us use much more pure compounds no matter the type, the Flexcut gold is compared sometimes to Cerium because of the color but pure Cerium Oxide is a smaller grit and very soft so it is more of a smoother not a cutter…

    The most universal paste used for razors is the CrOx .50 Green spray or Crayon but it is much more pure than the Veritas bar that you find at wood working places…

    The harder the surface you use it on, the harsher the outcome on the edge regardless of type…

    Basically it goes Balsa, Leather, Linen/Webbing and softest being Felt…

    I hope that helped some…

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