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    Hi All,

    Has there been any news about a Gen 4? I am very close to buying a set, but naturally if the Gen 4 is around the corner I want to hold out. I wasn’t able to find anything about it, but I noticed Gen 3 was released in 2017 and maybe someone on here knows something?

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    Hi Jake.  Welcome to the forum.  Your best bet is to go right to the horses mouth and ask Clay the owner of the Wicked Edge system.

    If you click on the thread link below and scroll down to post #53419 (Numbered on right side ) you will see his pic.  Then click on his member name “Wicked Edge”  and another page opens and then click on “private message” and ask him your question.  He pops into various threads with likes and comments from time to time.

    He will respond back to you but he may be at a blade show and then it takes him a little longer.  Post back in your thread to let others know what he said about bringing out the next generation.

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