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    I have a good amount of experience with the regular wicked edge models but recently I upgraded to a Gen 3 pro model and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and use it until now and I noticed and hopefully you can see in the picture I have the angle set at 20’ however the angle cube shows almost an entire degree off and I have no more adjustment that can be made with the fine adjustment. So is there a way to calibrate and find the true zero between both cube and setting on the system???

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    Woody the angle indicators on the Gen 3 are only a suggested angle. Just like the angles indicated on the square bar for the other models.  These demarcations do correspond with, I believe, a knife edge 1/2″ above the vise, jaw lines.  The numbers are really there to show the direction to move the angle adjusting lever arm, left or right to decrease or increase, respectively, the bevel angles.  The only way to truly and precisely set your bevel angles is with a digital angle device, setting each side bevel and stone angles individually.

    To get a knife to correspond to the number angle indicators, and zero or calibrate as you requested, you’d be forced to position the knife to match the angle.  Where as, we want to adjust the W.E.’s angles to correspond to the knives positions of our choosing.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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