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Flat Machine 10/32 Screw Mod

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    BassLake Dan
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    This mod has appeared elsewhere, so I am by no means the first to think of it, but I thought I would put it here in its own message.

    Recently there has been a lot of threads that contain a common issue and the flat screw mod helps with resolving that issue. The issue is the ability to rapidly set minor changes in angle on the WEPS. This is an important issue for those of us that are using a series of different height paddles in the same sharpening session, thru a series of paddles that may have different dimensions.

    I personally commonly use a progression that starts with 1000/diamond stock paddle then a series of paddles that I have manufactured here locally from Clays supplied empty blanks. Some of these have aluminium backing with lapping film, some are cedar wood strops, etc. It is necessary to re-set the angles as I move thru the progression.

    I have seen other threads here on the forum where users of the more exotic stones, the Shaptons, and the Choseras and so forth, are having to re-set angles as they move thru a series. As Ken S. has pointed out, the necessity to set angles is part and parcel of the sharpening process, so we are stuck with that, the only question is how to do it ‘fast and easy’. My issue with the stock setup on the WEPS has been that the 45 degree angle pointed supplied screw and the dimples cut in in the slide bar have amounted to a severe handicap to me as I work thru a progression. In many cases the angle I desire is somewhere between any two given dimples, and, also, the mechanical lock up of the angle screw in the dimple is not solid without considerable ‘fiddling’… The flat screw mod ‘goes around’ the dimples and allows for finite angle adjustment.

    You can find these stainless 10/32s at any well stocked True value or Ace hardware for about 30 cents.

    PS: Please note also in the photo above is my ‘shim stock mod’. If you are interested in the details of that mod it is at:

    Leo James Mitchell
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    Excellent mod and one that is easily done, even by a klutz like me. Please show your other mod too…I would be interested to see it. Well done mate!

    Leo :woohoo:

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    Thanks for posting this Dan! I did the same thing almost right after I got mine… I don’t even use the markings on the square base bar anymore lol, i just use the angle cube. It also really helps lock in the base of the arms (because they would loosen up sometimes)… just be sure not to overtighten =). Good job!

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    Very useful, Dan! I have read most posts on rod modifications with great interest. But unfortunately English is not my first language and I could not make any sense anymore of all the gauges, joints, drifter pins and shims. Now I can :).


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