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Fixing the Wiched edge tool.. ?

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    Hello everyone..

    We’ve just recieved our Wicked Edge-tool. Immediately, we started using it, but somehow, it moved round the table.
    In the picture on the box, the machine is fixed on a stone plate, which was actually not in the box.
    Indeed, we weren’t able to sharp the knife properly, because the tool isn’t fixed. 🙁

    We wonder right now:
    1) Have we done any kind of mistake concerning the construction of the tool?
    2) Is there a stone plate included as shown in the picture?
    3) If the stoneplate is not included, where can we get one?

    I appreciate every kind of help and answer.

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    If you purchased the basic kit, it does not come with the base (the stone plate you refer to).

    If you purchased the Pro Kit, it does come with a base.

    Either way, you can order a base from Wicked Edge directly. Or mount the sharpener to some other material that you want to use. The bases straight from Wicked Edge do come pre-drilled so you just bolt it on in that case.

    I have a Pro Kit on the way (I hope I get my shipping email soon).

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    We’ve the basis set.
    Thank you very much for the answer.

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    Wow, if you have it bolted to the base, I can’t understand how it could be moving around too much… Mine is solid as a rock, and I only have the paperstone base. I work with it on my lap quite a bit so far, it seems to be a convenient way to use it. Is the tool sliding a bit on the base, or is the whole base moving around on you?

    Doug Williams
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    The basic kit does not come with a base, but you can use almost anything for a “do it yourself” base. How about an old wood cutting board? Your kit should have come with a template for drilling the holes in your do it yourself base.

    Hope this helps!


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    I tried it without a base and like you quickly realized a base was needed. I just used a piece of hickory I had thats 2x8x12 and its much better now.

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