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    Was trying to go thru knife data base, but decided to post without doing a thorough search.

    Fillet knife sharpening angle? I have a Gerber Fisherman Boltaction folding fillet knife, no mention of
    steel type on blade or found on web. Is stainless by all other indications. Suggestions?

    My thoughts: 18* per side. How ever far I go to make it “pretty” , and do a final few strokes with 1000k diamond
    to give a little tooth.

    If this edge fails, I figure I can increase the angle to 20 or higher very easily.

    I am no where near a master fillet type. Never did much and always slow. However, when the Blue gill
    spawn around Memorial Day here, there are usually quite a few that need some help on their way to the frying pan and freezer.
    The preferred method involves an electric fillet knife, but there’s always room and need for a “real” knife. And it’s a good opportunity
    for my stepsons to get a feel for how it’s done, and the Masters are there to teach.


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    Am rethinking the micro bevel.

    Should have stated that my plan was to add a micro bevel at 20* side with the 1000 diamond. Now am thinking the same 20*side, but doing several light strokes with the 1600 ceramic might be a better idea.

    Any thoughts?


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    In my opinion and experience the 1k diamond edge will yield superior result to anything higher or lower when skinning or cutting meat… I think you’re will be very pleased with a final bevel of 20* and the 1k stone. 🙂

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