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    Wanted to purchase a Santoku style knife, but didn’t want to spend a fortune so that eliminated quite a few from consideration.

    It came down to these two, Messermeister, Dalstrong. I already have some Messremeister’s so am pleased with their quality. Also was not sure if I wanted Grantons on the knife either, so i went with the Messermeister. My concerns for the Dalstrong were being able to resharpen at that low of an angle, dealing with San Mai steel, an unknown on my part. What do you guys think, Grantons (yes\no), San Mai (yes\no)?

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    I haven’t found any noticeable advantage to the grantons.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I wouldn’t worry about being able to hit the factory angles on the Dalstrong. They may not be as advertised, but I can get 12 degrees per side on a somewhat similar knife that I own and I don’t even need the low angle adapter to do it.

    I don’t like granton edge knives because it shortens the useful life of the knife. Once you sharpen it down to where the grantons begin, the knife is done (or you’ll have to deal with a strange profile). I can’t say that I have been able to tell a difference in food release on knives that have them either. It seems like a feature with no benefits.

    I like the San Mai construction. This design lends some ductility to the knife without sacrificing the hardness of the cutting edge. It also allows you to coat most of the blade in a stainless steel that is easy to maintain and still have a carbon steel for the cutting edge. The Dalstrong knives have a stainless core as well, so this aspect isn’t at play for that particular knife.

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    My Aritsugu has a similar edge, at 10 dps since the last sharpening and I really love it.  The difference in sharpness due to the low angle is apparent every time I use it.  I was able to sharpen my sister’s Aritsugu to 7 dps by using the LAA.  In any case, you’re not obligated to stay withe the factory angles.

    I have a Wuesthoff Santoku with the Grantons (?) and I am now (after about ten or fifteen years of use) at the point where the  grooves will touch the edge.  The grooves are staggered from one side to the other, so it probably won’t get divots in the edge at each groove, but it’s really close.  For sure, there will be some really thin spots, and maybe a little wave at each groove.  The next few sharpenings will tell the tale. If the edge fails because of the grooves, I still will have gotten a lot of use out of it.  It looks to me that the grooves on the Dalstrong are quite far away from the edge, so I wouldn’t be concerned about life being limited by the grooves.

    Do the grooves work?  I think so.  Particularly when slicing hard veggies like potatoes, which really like to stick to the blade. For softer stuff, I’m sure there’s no advantage.

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    I have a Wuesthoff Santoku with the Grantons (?)


    TC you’ve been a big help to me,  happy to reciprocate in a very small way…but perhaps  I’m preaching to the choir by posting this link…just wasn’t sure about the question mark after Grantons in your reply. Geo

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