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    I took my new Gen 3 pro for it’s first outing today.  I ended up with it sitting on a railing to my deck, with me standing on the ground so I could see more closely what I was doing.    I used an ancient old hickory knife for the first try and although I had sharpened it freehand a few weeks back got it much better, but nowhere near perfect.  My wife keeps it in a drawer with a lot of other things so the edge will get beat up, so no need to achieve perfection there.  The next try was a set of six Henckles  chef’s knives we bought in the BX  when I was stationed in Izmir, Turkey back in 1972-74.  They had been freehand sharpened for the last 45 years so the edges did not have a perfect or consistant profile.  I did not try to completely reprofile, but just to get a good kitchen sharp and I did that with about 15-20 minutes per knife.  I can still see some low spots in the new flat I am forming, but since they are now at the point where they will easily slice newspaper, I will let future sharpenings even out the profiles as I sharpen them.  Bottom line is that I did not want to remove more metal than necessary considering their age, and want them to last a lot longer which should not be a problem.  These are stored in a block so the edges are protected and I repeated a request to the wife not to throw them in the sink, but to wipe them off and replace in the block immediately after use.

    I was getting a bit tired after that so called it a day.    I did try to fit a small to med size, about 3 1/2″ closed pocket knife, but it was so close that I would be grinding on the vise, so will await the low angle jaws, or a tormek small  knife holder for them.  I have some new pocket knives so want to get a consistant bevel, and a very sharp edge on them.

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    Dennis Hibar
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    The next try was a set of six Henckles chef’s knives we bought in the BX when I was stationed in Izmir, Turkey back in 1972-74.

    Neat.  I was gnat’s hair from being assigned to Karamursel around the same time.  A few weeks before, however, I was diverted and ended up in Berlin.  In retrospect, I think it was for the best … as I absolutely loved the 4 years I spent in Berlin.  Happy sharpening!

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