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Filet knife Brace misaligned

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    Just received my Wicked Edge Pro-Pack II yesterday & have sharpened 4 knives with it, two kitchen knives that needed it badly, big chips in one blade that I ground down on my grinder & put a new Wicked Edge on it with this sharpener, very Impressed.
    However I went to sharpen a filet knife today & the knife brace is not aligned properly with the way the vise is mounted. The Knife brace is off by about 5/32″ & angles the blade from the back of the vise to past the knife brace.
    I thought I could adjust the vise by pushing it over to the right to line it up, so I took it all apart & was able to move the vise over a 0.016″ so now it is offset from the blue base, hanging off the right edge 0.016″, inset on the left side 0.021″ but the Knife brace is still misaligned. Pictures attached.
    Taking a straight edge ruler & measuring the gap at the tip of the knife, I get a 0.042″ gap, the Knife brace is pulling the knife out of straight. Picture attached. This is with the vice offset on the base, so it would be worse if the vise was centered on the blue base.
    Its like the Knife Brace mounting hole on the blue base should have been drilled an ~1/8″ more to the left for proper alignment & a straight blade.
    How do I get this fixed?
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