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    I am now considering purchasing the FS-PRO-II mainly because it seems to be a bit more bang for the buck. I also travel and am in one spot for only months at a time and then travel to the next work location. I have kitchen knives which include a higher end Henkels 6 knife set,  Kohetsu Nashiji 165 nikiri and a 210 gyoto (sp?), two other kitchen knives out of ZDP 189,  plus 8-10 pocket knives one of which I made (stock removal), and my EDC which is a ZT in Elmax steel. That’s pretty much my background so you know what I have and what I am looking to sharpen. My requirements are portability, ability to get a kit and build the kit as budget permits. Here is my question. Does anyone see that there is a reason I could not modify the base in the void of the vice so that once I am at a new location I can mount it on a more permanent base? Or conversely, if I am in a location for a week or two,  I might just use the clamp to a table the way it was designed rather than mount it in a more permanent fashion? Pitfalls I am not seeing? Eventually I may want to play with micron strops for high end stuff, but right now it would be nice to just keep my knives in great cutting shape.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I just got my Field and Sport Pro about two weeks ago and I love it (Here).  I needed a perfect portable solution and a case and this feels like it was built just for me.  I presently sharpen knifes for the military at a deployed location in Southwest Asia and needed to be able to take my sharpener to them and this works perfectly, although, I am presently conducting some research and haven’t started using it on customer knives yet. The Field and Sport Pro includes the new Generation 3 Vise for one-step clamping. The Vise is self centering which keeps the angle on both sides of the knife symmetrical, and free floating which makes it ideal for clamping fully-flat ground blades.  I have the Gen 1 as well and this solution provided me the flexibility I wanted with all the new upgrades that WickedEdge has to offer.  I did have to develop a second case for all of my stones.  I will post the photos below.  I am pretty sure when I finally come home, I will be able to “Semi”permanently mount it to my workbench via something like the Panavise (Here) , however, I like it as it is and may not need it.  The “C clamp” holds the WE very tightly with no movement being considerate of the table I am mounting it on.


    Eddie Kinlen
    M1rror Edge Sharpening Service, LLC

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