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Emerson combat Karambit

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    tuffy braithwaite
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    i have a fellow bringing me one tomorrow at farmers market…….said tip is messed up and wants to know if i can sharpen.

    anyone sharpened one of these on WE



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    Nope. but if I were to attempt that knife it would be with the very edge of the stone. Time consuming and very technical. A real challenge. As far as the tip goes you can reform that with your stones by hand before you attempt to sharpen. Good Luck.

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    I think that one will be tough. Since it’s an Emmerson, it is probably expensive as well. I think your belt grinder system might be a better way to go for a blade of that shape.

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    I’ve sharpened a lot of karambits with various Wicked Edge systems and they always come out great. I align the blade so that the imaginary line between ¬†heal and the tip is horizontal. You’ll end up with slightly lower angles in those places, which should be a good thing when working to correct that broken tip. It looks like the blade is coated, so you’ll want to tape it to prevent scratching.


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