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Edge retention as a function of edge angle / steel

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    I had some of the same kind of dammage to my ZDP Cali today. I cut up a lot of boxes at work. I hit one staple I know of and I wondered if it did anything. I did not hit it hard. more glancing blow I would say. This is not ordinary cardboard but really thick stuff. It sliced it real well the whole time but I did notice it not as smooth in some spots at the end. I did not cut all that much in my opinion. The ZDP does keep a working edge long but it does seem to take damage more easily than I had hoped. Maybe I just had really high hopes for it. This is a 17DPS bevel.
    If a fella was cutting a lot of clean cardboard I think they would like it. Maybe this was a second from spyderco because it got tempered poorly? I am not giving up on it yet but want to give some other steels a run as well.

    I am experimenting with different light. Not as good as Tom yet but getting there. Thanks for the tips Tom!

    I will see how hard it is to get them out tomorrow. Then I will take the Domino to task next.

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    So far, I have a little over a year of use on my ZDP Delica. It’s been touched up a half-dozen times, but only once did I get a chip in the edge. I think it was something like your cardboard staple that did it. I recall hearing it make contact with something hard and thinking that there’s be a chip for sure – and it was. I have been staying with 20 dps, thinking the edge would be a little more resistant to chips. Repairing the chip was the only time I had to go below 800 grit.

    I’m would bet that your ZDP blade is not a second. I believe that Spyderco buys their ZDP blades finished from Seki, Japan. The ZDP steel is made by Hitachi, but the blades are finished in Seki, which is an equivalent to Solingen, Germany in terms of knifemaking reputation. I’ve read elsewhere in the knife forums that Spydie has a plant in Seki, but it’s probably a particular knifemaker that is contracted with them.

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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