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Edge Geometry and Long blade problems

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    Adrian King
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    Hi all,

    I’ve been sharpening some knives for a maker but am not pleased with my results, there are two main issues
    1) Why is my tip bevel much wider than the rest of the blade? (see two red marks in the pic)
    2) The blade is 11″ long and has some flex, is there anything on the market than can assist in keeping the blade rigid?

    Thanks in advance,

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    You should check out this thread on flexible kitchen knives. There are a couple of great looking solutions for flexible blades discussed in there. As far as the bevel widening towards the tip, this can likely be fixed by repositioning the knife in the clamp. If the knife is relatively straight through the profile except for the tip, try clamping the knife closer to the tip. Alternatively, you can work the blade in sections and then blend them.

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    I agree, the solution seems to be to move the tip closer to the vise.  Any of the solutions in the thread Organic’s post links to would work fine.

    Adrian’s photo shows a blade with an edge that plunges close to vertical at the tip.  The steeper the tip angle, the more care must be taken in positioning the tip relative to the vise.  Take care in your search for the sweet spot and use a very fine grit as you “Sharpie” your way through the process.  Moving too near to the vise and taking normal-pressure strokes will quickly trash the tip grind.  The result will require a very protracted effort to restore the angle.

    For filet knives, which are the most flexible of the knives I’ve done, I clamp them with the tip as close to the vise as possible (limited by the width of the blade and the thickness of the vise) and then hold the handle with my opposite hand – for me it works better than applying pressure to the opposite side of the tip.  Now that I have the RAM set-up (shown in the thread) I won’t have to hold the handle or the tip.

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