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Double Edge Serrated

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    Can double sided serrated knives be sharped? Not sure if they can be done on the wicked edge

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    Barry if you were able to clamp the knife securely to allow access to the serrated edge, you may be able to use a suitable hand tool to sharpen the serrations.  Wicked Edge Stones with not be suitable for the serrations.  I have used Spyderco SharpMaker Tri-Angle Stones, hand held to do that.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    If you are able to clamp the serrated knife in the WE, you could try securing the triangular sharpmaker stones to the WE stones/paddles (rubber bands?) and adjust for angle using an angle cube. Just a note though, I’ve seen reports of some sharpmaker stones having a bow to them.

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    IMO, the best you can do on serrated is sharpen the tip but only if they are the “flat” tip type. The geometry of the scallops can really only be matched if you have the original equipment of the OEM. There are various youtube videos showing approaches but they are freehand and use diamond cone type rods. I’ve also seen them done using the edge of a leather belt/wheel but to me it is outside of the current WEPS scope. Each scallop is basically an individual rounded edge.

    I would be very interested other ideas.

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    I made a handle out of UHMW that holds a triangle stone in a dovetail slot.  I played around with it yesterday on an old, much abused bread knife.  I’ll have to make another configured a bit differently as this one wouldn’t quite get down to the 30 degree angle of the scallops.  Looks promising, but only for large scallops like the bread knife.  For others, you’re better off using powered wheel, like a buffer.

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