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Dmt 3 micron stone

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    Hey guys, I apologise up front if this has been beaten into the ground. I’ve had the 3 micron dmt stone with the blank on the other side for a while. My question is, where does it actually fit in? I see these stones are not even for sale anymore and I really wanna make use of them. My particular stones I have are… 100/200, 400/600, 800/100 1200/1600 ceramic and the 3 micron dmt diamond stone and 1 micron lapping film. Do I use the 3um stone after the 1000 stone or after the ceramics?


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    My grit chart puts 3 micron at about 8000 grit, with 1 micron at about 15,000.  I would try using the 3 micron right after the 1000 grit stones to see if that’s a workable sequence.  If it seem to take too long to erase the 1000 grit scratches, try putting the 1600 ceramic in between.

    Another possibility that’s worked for others is to switch from the 1 micron film to 6 micron film.  Step from the 1000 stones to the 6mu DLF and then finish with the 3 micron stones.  Six micron film seems to punch above its weight, making the interim steps (1200, 1500 & 1600)unnecessary and it produces a very nice scratch pattern.  If you really want the finer grits (below 3 micron) consider adding a set of aluminum or glass handles.

    I switched from glass to brass platens a couple years ago and had excellent results with it.  I “lapped” (flattened)  them on a glass plate with sandpaper: running from 220 grit up to 1200 grit.  No reason why aluminum wouldn’t work too.

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