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Diamond Stones shaped for convex edges

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    I think curved stones would not duplicate the consistent WEPPS bevels. The math (Anthony Yan’s) would be overly complex and full of approximations especially over curved sections.


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    I’m swinging to the side where I think it might be technically workable, but probably not practical.  If I’m making the right assumptions, each point on the face of the curved stones would contact a different point of the bevel.  To produce a continuous convex bevel, you’d have to use up/down strokes at every point along the edge, even at the tip.  Add to that needing to make the same number of strokes at every point along the bevel.  Then do that with every grit.  Ouch.


    Howard Sheppard
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    This may be heresy but I use a Ken Onion Worksharp w/ grinder attachment for my convex blades.  Personally – mine are all Bark River fixed blades and I can get a very useable and sharp edge with this setup.  I use my Wicked Edge on my folders and kitchen knives.  Don’t judge!  LOL

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    Howard:  Nothing wrong with using the WorkSharp or any of its ilk for their intended purpose.  If I get a batch of knives to sharpen for a friend, the lesser-quality knifes are going to get my “buffing wheel quickie” job.  If my time was more limited (I’m 12 years retired and don’t charge anybody for my work), I’d raise the standard for what’s a lesser quality knife.  As it is, I try to use my WEPS for those knives deserving the extra time and effort.  It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment that I don’t get anywhere else in less than an hour.  When I return a knife to its owner, I know that he can’t get a more perfect job anywhere else.  Note that I didn’t say “sharper.”  Polished convex edges can be extremely sharp, but they can also have defects.

    If you like, check out a number of the videos on Youtube, by Max the Knife and Curry Custom Cutlery.  They both offer sharpening service as a source of income.  Both gentlemen belong to the forum here and both use belt systems for most jobs.  Max the Knife is tuffy braithwaite on this forum.  You can see his youtube video page here.

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    Wait til you guys see what we have planned! It’s still in development, but I am really excited about getting it completed.


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    Clay, what do you think of the wavy stone approach I proposed?

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