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Diamond Stones Different???

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    1. For each and every grit stone used in my sharpening progression, after first checking and adjusting my angle setting for preciseness, with a zeroed digital cube
    2. I utilize a scrubbing stroke, (up – down – up – down), used bilaterally, (i.e., to both knife sides), and alternatingly, (i.e., some on the left knife side, then some on the right knife side, switching back and forth), to keep the scratch work even.
    3. When I see, visually, using the USB microscope, (along with sound cues and tactile feedback cues), that the bevel has apexed the knife edge,
    4.  then I switch to bilateral, alternating, edge leading strokes, (i.e., down and onto the knife edge) being very careful of my finger placement and finger position on the stones for safety.  I utilize enough edge leading strokes to see I have covered the entire knife edge evenly, both sides, heel to tip, to give me a uniform feel of sharpness every where I touch test the knife edge
    5. Then I repeat this same process, with each and every grit, with the sharpening stones I’m utilizing in my sharpening progression.  (Lapping films and Strops are only used edge trailing(i.e., up and off).

    The finger pressure I apply with all stone and polishing work is to press the small contact patch between the plane of the platen flat against where it’s contacting the small contact patch of the flat plane of the bevel, while I move the platens guided by the angle guide rods across the bevel, in the direction of my stroke movement, at that time.  It is a constant flat against flat pressure as the stone slides up or down along the bevel and the knife’s length.  I visualize/conceptualize what I’m doing to keep the contact flat and avoid it rolling side to side or applying angular pressure to the bevel shoulder or the apex.

    For edge leading or edge trailing strokes I utilize this same flat platen contact, just the direction of the handle is down and onto, or up and off, the edge, respectively.



    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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