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Diamond Spray vs Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsion

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    I was wandering if the Diamond Spray for $25 is that much better than the

    Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsion for $14.50.  I have used the Diamond Spray

    a couple of times on a ZT0566.  I was thinking about getting the 0.5 Polycrystalline Diamond

    Emulsion instead of the Diamond Spray.  Anyone used both and recommend one vs the

    other?  Thanks

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    I haven’t used the diamond spray, but I can vouch for the emulsion. The emulsions are excellent.

    I think one aspect you may be overlooking when comparing the price on these two items is the quantity. The diamond emulsion is 8 mL (0.27 oz) while the spray is 2 oz (59 mL).

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    The poly is more uniform in the shape of the diamonds so less stray scratching. The emulsions don’t have to be re-applied as often and the small bottle will last a long long time. Sprays have to be applied more often. The emulsions are a superior product for me at least.

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