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Decreasing metal dust while sharpening

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    I know Clay posted this (in a video maybe) sometime ago. Using a sponge wetted with soapy water to wet down the stones during sharpening to decrease metal dust getting into the air, and I think it works great. One added thing I’ve been doing is using a piece of paper towel on top of the sponge, and change it with each grit change in an effort to prevent large bits of “stuff” sticking to my finer grit stones.

    Seems to work well. “Select-a-size” towels work nicely. You can get 4 strips off of each small sheet. I just pull the saturated used strip off to the side and leave it in the sponge tray and place my new clean towel on top of sponge with stone changes.

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    You know what works even better? Just use your diamond stones like you would water stones… Dip your fingers in water and “paint” your stones with the water every now and then. If you keep them wet you will never have any abrasive dust anywhere… And it’s much quicker than having to take your stone off of the rod each time 🙂

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    I have some super magnets at the base of my WEPS. They collect a lot of metal dust.

    I wash off my diamond stones every so often (but not every time). I make sure they dry well.

    I use a little every time on ceramics to get them just a little moist. To me they do better when not stone dry.

    Leo Barr
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    Or spritz them with a water spray.

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