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Chosera Water Stones

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    A question for anyone with experience using the Chosera water stones.

    I have limited experience, 2 knives, with the Chosera stones.  I go from the 1500 diamond to 2,000/3,000/5,000/10,000. (I think the jump from 1,500 diamond to 2,000 Chosera might be to much)  I have been soaking them for 5 +/- minutes prior to use, rub them together to produce a slurry, and add water to the stones as needed during sharpening.  I find that rubbing the stones together to produce slurry periodically during sharpening proves very beneficial as well.

    Does anyone have any critiques to this procedure?  Anything else I should be doing?  Do others intermittently rub the stones together during sharpening to reproduce slurry?

    Any input is much appreciated!!

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    Rich, Tom Blodget from Jende Industries has posted some very helpful videos on YouTube and at his website using Choseras with Wicked Edge, and on lapping these for maintenance.  I hope you find them helpful if you haven’t previously watched them.

    Marc H

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I don’t have choseras but the videos I’ve seen most of the guys that use them seem to fall back in the progression. In other words if you go thru 1500 diamonds you might be better to start with 800 or 1000 chosera. I’ve seen several who profile the knife to 1000 diamond and then start there chosera progression at 400 all the way thru 10000. Look at the difference in the scratch pattern of the chosera stones compared to the diamond stones and I think you’ll understand why they do that. You’ll find a good comparison on the WE grit chart.

    The video MarcH suggested is a very good one, I highly recommend watching that and it will explain a lot of your concerns with the use of your stones.

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    Tom is indeed the guy to ask. You could try Ken (Schwartz) too. I sold my Chosera stones before I got my 1500 diamond stones, but what I recall from that time was that the Chosera stones adhered to the grit chart quite well. And so does the 1500 diamond stone. So my idea (without trying it) is that your progression should work. But of course you could start with the 1000 grit Chosera’s or even lower.

    Just something that occurs to me: have your 1500 stones broken in already?

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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