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Chosera Stones V. Diamond Lapping Films

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    Can any of you comment on the finish produced by the higher grit chosera stones versus what is produced by the diamond lapping films?

    I assume that the diamond films will abrade material much faster than a chosera stone of the same relative grit. I also know that these two types of abrasives work very differently.

    It seems that many of those who do sharpening on high-end chef knives only use water stones. My guess is that this is mostly the result of tradition rather than a

    Is there any reason (other than for fun) to get the chosera stones?

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    The Chosera stones are great and the 5K/10K stones produces a very nice finish. However… they are water stones, which means they produce quite a bit of mess mess, they will vary in thickness (constantly requiring an angle cube), require flattening and work not as fast as diamond stones/film. I still have my Chosera stones. However, in practice I only use diamond films nowadays.

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